Household appliances brands

It made household/kitchen appliances businesses ,
core values and overhauled organizing and ,
manpower systems suitable for them. It has provided ,
products with the excellent quality and high ,
performance for customers at reasonable prices by ,
cooperating with many Korean and overseas ,
businesses based on excellent technical skills of ,
Korean small and medium-sized businesses.

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Beauty care device brand

Healthy and beautiful skin, in other words, the
dignified skin, is all women’s roman. Especially,
the beauty care device brand was researched and
developed targeting many women in their 40s
and 50s who have a lot of worries about wrinkles
and elasticity for more than 4 years. It is the product created after R&D manpower’s persistent
studies for application of innovative technology
and excellent effects to improve skin.

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Turnkey electronic products manufacturing service

Korean small and medium-sized businesses have development abilities but it is difficult to run their own factories due
to the business structure of small quantity batch production because of lack of cost-effectiveness. They cannot outsource their work
because they are vulnerable in their foundation of the manufacturing industry. So they are faced with problems
including decreased competitiveness for manufacturing costs by increases in direct and indirect costs and small-quantity production.

WithNix has worked and invested in this field for more than 16 years to solve these fundamental problems of small and
middle-sized businesses and will do its best to respond to small quantity batch production for them.

In case of large quantities, EMS services in China through this company’s China branch were prepared to
make any form of partnership possible.